General Program Registration Information:

  • An annual membership fee of $15.00/household is required to participate in programs. A membership may be purchased at the same time as registration.   
  • EACCA honours other Community Association Membership.  Other Community Association Membership card(s) must be presented at the time of In-Person Registration or input into the Online Registration system.
  • Space in some programs is limited and registration is taken on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Early registrations are not accepted and late registrations (if accepted) are subject to a Late Registration Fee.
  • A parent or guardian must accept the on-line waivers for children.
  • Our volunteer coordinators and directors do a fantastic job of managing the team sports programs in our area and non-sports programming.
  • Consider volunteering to coach teams.  Your cooperation will help ensure a successful season for all players, coaches and parents.
  • The EACCA reserves the right to cancel any program which does not have sufficient enrolment or if an instructor cannot be found prior to registration night, or if a coach cannot be found.
  • No one is turned away from outdoor youth sports (soccer, softball, tennis, kindersports) or indoor youth basketball as long as:    a) enough volunteer coaches can be found;     b) you have registered prior to the end of the in-person registration night.
  • Classes may be subject to cancellation as the schools have first priority for the use of the school facilities.  Attempts to reschedule will be made but not guaranteed.
  • Certain programs have specific policies regarding registrations, withdrawals and refunds.  Consult with the Program Coordinator.  Contact information can be found here:

Tips for a smooth Online Registration:

  • Be sure to review the FAQs on the Registration page, before beginning Registration!
  • Make your Login and Profile for your whole family as a "New Member"; or Login with your email address as an existing member.
  • All data must be filled in for participants to enroll.
  • "Enroll" in multiple programs at the same time.
  • Blue information buttons will provide additional information on the programs.
  • Click "Enroll" to select or un-select programs.
  • Have a credit card ready!
  • Watch the YouTube video for Online Registration Instructions:
  • Having trouble? Make sure that your e-mail address matches in both boxes and that your password is at LEAST 7 characters long. Also, make sure you have not already registered with your email address previously. To test if you have already registered, try logging in with your email address. If you have forgotten your password, enter your email on the login page and click "Forgot Password".
  • REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION:  A confirmation email will be sent to you after registering.  Please be sure to check your SPAM or JUNK email folders for the confirmation email!

Tips for a smooth In-Person Registration:

  • All In-Person registrations will be entered into the Online Registration system by EACCA volunteers.
  • Bring your existing Membership Card, if you have one.
  • The only way to purchase a membership is through the online system:
  • Bring your credit card, cash or cheque book (remember the deposit cheque for uniforms).
  • Please be patient - we will do our best to get you registered as quickly as possible.

Cost As A Barrier Program:

  • The EACCA is sensitive to the needs of families facing financial hardships, and may partially or fully fund participation fees in various activities. Subsidization is only to cover the cost of the program, and will not include membership to the Community Association. Subsidization is limited to 1(one) activity per person per session.  The EACCA has set a total limit of $500 per family each year in order to assist as many families as possible with the available funding.
  • The EACCA funding is available only to those who reside within our community boundaries.  If you reside outside of our community, please discuss funding with the community association in which you reside.
  • For more information, please contact the appropriate member of the EACCA Executive from the contact list on our website.

Program Withdrawal & Refund Policy and Late Fees:

  • All withdrawal requests must be forwarded to the Program Coordinator or related Sports Coordinator and not the teacher, coach or team manager.
  • When seeking a full refund of the program registration fees, withdrawal requests must be received by the Program Coordinator or related Sports Coordinator before the end of the registration window. Once registrations are closed, registrations are final.
  • In all cases, the EACCA membership fee is non-refundable.
  • As soon as registration closes (i.e. the next day after registration), some programs will charge a late registration fee.
  • The only time that a late fee would be waived, is if the person/parent decided to coach or teach a program.

The LATE FEES are as listed below:

  • Basketball $40
  • Soccer $25
  • Softball $40
  • Tennis $15

For more information, please contact the appropriate member of the EACCA Executive from the contact list:

On-Line Registration System

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