The SMBA - Saskatoon Minor Basketball Association, community basketball program runs from mid-October and finishes with playoffs in mid-March.

Practices occur one or two times per week at Father Robinson School for Spuds, Mini and Bantam divisions.  Midget and Juvenile practices may be at local elementary or high schools in the surrounding areas.  Games occur Saturdays at various gyms throughout the city.  Playoff information can be found at  There will not be a playoff round for the Spuds division.

Registration for Dunkaroos (Grade 1 and 2) – please register on the SMBA website at

Registration for all other divisions – please register at the EACCA Fall Registration night.

At registration, you will require 2 cheques made out to EACCA:

1) registration fees (refer to the table above)

2) a uniform deposit of $50 (post-dated to April 1, 2017).  The uniform deposit will be shredded when the jersey is returned.

Only Erindale, Arbor Creek and Evergreen residents can register with our subdivision per the rules stated in under the rules section.

Late registrations are accepted based on the discretion of the EACCA basketball program coordinators.  If a late registration is accepted after the Fall Registration night, late fees will be added onto to the registration fee.  The late fee is $40.  If you are not able to attend the registration night, please ask others to register on your behalf.

Please note that players may be moved to teams in surrounding communities if EACCA does not have enough players/coaches to register a team or if there are too many players but not enough players for two EACCA teams.  Those individuals registering late will be the first ones to be moved to surrounding areas.

Like other EACCA programs basketball is volunteer driven.  Parents, older siblings and youth are encouraged to participate in the league as coaches, assistant coaches and general helpers. School-aged volunteers may be able to use their volunteer hours towards community service hours required by their school.

For questions about the EACCA Basketball Program, please contact the Basketball Coordinators or in the contact section of the newsletter.

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